When I left Boston I Was in a dark place
When I left Boston I lost My Way
When I boarded the plane I was not sure of where I was going
When I took off everything changed

In Dublin I found Enjoyment.
In Dublin I Lost Worry.

In Blarney I found Peace.
In Blarney I lost my nervousness.

In Killarny I found my history.
In Killarny I lost the weight of my past.

On the Ring of Kerry I found Majesty.
On The Ring I lost the ugliness of my past.

On The Cliffs of Moher I Found my Balance.
On the Cliffs I lost the fog in my head.

In Galway I found home
In Galway I lost restlessness

On the Aran I found what I lost.
On the Aran I lost my baggage.

At Last Light I felt what my Ancestors lost.
At Last Light I gained a purpose.

When I left Ireland the light came with me
When I left Ireland I had found my way
When I left Ireland I knew my Path
When I came back I had changed

Thank you for reading,
Go With The Winds.
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