There are many museum’s you can go to in Dublin, going to museum’s is one of the things you can do in Dublin that you can’t quite do as well in any other parts of Ireland. All the big museums for the country seem to be in Dublin. One museum I found impressive was the Irish Museum of Archaeology, this museum is full of cultural artifacts from the history of Ireland. It is a place that showcases very well the history of Ireland, and what has been found over the years.

The museum is not huge, and you could spend anywhere from an hour to a whole day there depending on how much you read every placard. It is laid out with two floors, each floor has a large center exhibit and multiple smaller exhibits on more specific topics on the sides. The museum is not huge so its easy to see everything in one trip, but it is worth it to take your time as you look at different pieces

If you take a right as you enter, one of the first rooms you will come across is on the ancient roots of the Gaelic people. The entire first floor houses most of the older artifacts from the museum. There is a room where you can’t take photographs where one of the oldest manuscripts from monks who came to Ireland is housed. the exhibits here truly show how the people living there were not barbarians like some accounts would want you to believe

One room everyone should visit is The Treasury. This is where many of the gold artifacts from Irish history are housed. There are some truly magnificent pieces housed in this exhibit and it is worth a visit just to go to this exhibit alone

There is another extremely popular exhibit that may be a bit disturbing for some. There is an exhibit called blood and sacrifice, this is their bog mummy exhibit. There are the mummified remains of people who ended up in the bogs. This part of the museum also is where the history of human sacrifice in tribal Ireland is shown. The exhibit is laid out with artifacts around the periphery of the exhibit, and there large circular domes with ramps leading down where in the center of each dome is a mummified remain of someone who ended up in the peat bogs.Most people I saw were not able to stay very long in each dome, its really not a place for someone who is squeamish or sensitive to that kind of stuff.

When you get up to the second floor you will find both the viking and medieval section of the museum. The viking section has many artifacts from the times when the vikings raided Ireland, and when they made settlements there. there is also a large exhibit of artifacts from medieval Ireland, which is a time period they have many artifacts for. The upstairs is certainly not a section you would want to miss

The best part about this entire museum is how much it costs to go to the museum. The museum is free for anyone to go to and see the artifacts there. It is just one of many of the free museums that are controlled by the Irish government. This museum is worth the side track to go see the artifacts that have been found. This museum is also unique in that its just full of one cultures artifacts, this is not The British Museum which only has a very small section on British history. Next time you are in Dublin this museum is a good option of a place to go especially if it is a rainy day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I was just looking for this kind of museum because I’d like to know more about the ancient Garlic culture.


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