I take many photos when i am out and about. I find my photos help give people something to look at and go “ohh that’s what it looks like”, and generally improves the article quality. The thing is though I have no desire to go out and buy a camera, I find them unnecessary for the kind of photography I do. My phone is more than sufficient. It also keeps me more engaged in the world, and makes me look less like a tourist.

The real big advantage of just going with a cellphone for photographs is convenience. It is safe to say if you were born after 1990 you likely haven’t left the house without your cellphone since you got one. My phone goes everywhere with me. This means when I see something interesting I just need to take out my phone and take a picture. It is far more work to carry a full camera. There is also an aspect of speed. There is not much setup to a photo on a cellphone, there are a few settings but no flipping through settings to take a single photo.

A more pragmatic reason comes simply by the virtue of what the cameras on a phone have become. My cellphone has a higher resolution camera on it than many older DSLR cameras; more importantly though it takes good enough photos. Every photo I have posted so far was taken on a cellphone. I am not doing the kind of exploring that requires specialized equipment. Especially in an urban environment you don’t have as much of a need for it. It comes down to the idea that something that gets the job done is enough.

The main reason I haven’t bought a camera though is a bit more unspoken. When you are in a big city the easiest way to put up your tourist flag is to have a camera around your neck. I like meeting people and traveling in some places a little more low-key. If you are not wearing a camera it is slightly less obvious to the pick-pockets you are not a local. This theory obviously would not work for me outside the Western World; but globally camera equipment in cities is the international symbol for tourist.

Now that I have alienated every photographer who has read this, here is why I think there is still a use for a separate camera. First off quality, you will get a much higher quality photo if you take it with a modern camera that is without question. Secondly, if you are taking a picture at a distance you can get real zoom rather than digital zoom. Third, if you like taking pictures it is far more of an experience to have a real camera. It is also personal preference in the end.

The smartphone is the Swiss Army Knife of the 21st century. It combines tools that we used to need to keep separate in one spot. It is also like the whole idea of a jack of all trades master of none. Anyone who ever took high school math will know however; that a TI-84 will do far more than the calculator on your phone. A separate GPS works far better in the woods than Apple Maps. That is why it is also true that a modern camera will take better photos than the one on my phone. The tool you have when you need it that will do the job is however the right tool.

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,Go With The Winds.
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