Today we will discuss the best way to cut through the town of Danvers, and even other towns. There is a trail known as the Rail Trail it cuts through all of Danvers and many other towns on the North Shore. It is a nice flat walking trail that is re-purpose of an old railroad track. One of the best parts about it is how it is easy to hop on and off it as needed. It is also part of a much larger plan

The Danvers Rail Trail is a 5.7 mile long trail the cuts through the main part of the town of Danvers and stretches from the Peabody line to the Topsfield line. It is a nearly flat trail that is perfect for jogging, biking, and urban hiking. It follows an old railroad path which means there is development on either side of the trail at points but still plenty of nature in between. It is also the best way to cross Rt 114 if you want to walk into Peabody, or go to Wal-Mart. The bridge over Rt 114 is a good spot to take pictures of the road and surrounding area. The path goes up into Topsfield where it connects further with other paths, and goes into Peabody as well. I have mostly walked the 2 mile stretch that goes through the main town, and to the Peabody line.

The best part of taking this path is that it is easy to hop on and hop off of it. The path intersects many major streets in Danvers, which makes it an easy way to get across town without just taking the side walk. It is also nice that if you need a bottle of water, or want to stop for lunch; you can easily hop off the trail for a bit and get lunch then get back on. It is a popular walking path for the locals and you will find many people walking through the downtown Danvers section of it. It has truly become an easy way to get from one side of Danvers to the other.

There is a bigger picture to the project that made the Rail Trail. A project to refurbish old rail-lines into walking paths, and to make a new walking path that stretches from North Maine to Southern Florida. Danvers is just one segment of the trail. It is one of the most complete sections, many towns have proposals to build most railway paths through their town, but Danvers was one of the first on the North Shore to actually do it. Peabody has a section complete, Topsfield has one that is meant for biking only, and the trail picks up again on Cape Ann. This project if It was completed would essentially make a new more urban hiking trail that people could walk as a challenge. It would be very easy to simply stay in hotels and hike from Maine to Florida if this vision went through.

If you are on the North Shore and visiting Danvers, or if the East Coast Greenway has been worked on in your town; these trails are a good way to get through towns and cities without having to deal with traffic as much. The easy to hop off nature of the trail makes it so you can easily get off if there is something interesting nearby you want to see. hopefully they can expand the trail out and make the vision of a East Coast Greenway possible. If you live on the East Coast check to see if your town has a proposal to build onto the trail.

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