In the City of Beverly,MA there are many parks. The city at one point was calling itself the garden city due to the amount of green space in the city. There is one park that everyone who lives in Beverly will have been. Lynch Park is a large park/beach right outside of downtown Beverly that is a destination for people in the summer looking for a place to play,relax,swim, or take interesting pictures at sunrise. The park Is open year round until 10pm,

In the summer this place can be packed even mid day on a weekday. The local YMCA runs its day camp at Lynch park so there may be many kids running round during the day. There are also two beaches at lynch park, one is a more natural rock beach that faces out to the Atlantic, and there is also a beach that looks out on the bay that is sandy and a good place to lay out. The water is fairly cold pretty much always, but a beach is a beach. There is also just a large amount of trees and green area to walk around and have a picnic.

A bit of History. Lynch park before it was donated to the city of Beverly had a very famous owner. President Taft owned the land that Lynch Park now sits on, and he donated the land to the city of Beverly to be turned into a green-space. There were however a few requirements for him donating it

One of the most famous requirements was the city would maintain the rose garden. The Rose garden is one of the most famous parts of Lynch Park. It is a beautiful garden with statues and a large stone terrace. It is perhaps the most romantic place in all of Beverly. It is a common place for prom photos, proposals, and even weddings. During the summer, when the flowers are in bloom; it is a great place to walk around in the evening when there are not many people there. It also overlooks the ocean on one side so you can get very nice shots where people meet the horizon. It is a must see if you go to Lynch Park

Because the park is open year round you can even go walking there in the middle of winter if you would like. There is a big event there every year called the polar plunge where around Christmas time people put on their swim trunks and jump into the Atlantic to raise money for charity. People also go sledding there in the winter. Most of the trees on the property are not evergreens, which means in the fall you can get pictures of the leaves on the trees turning many different colors. In the spring you can get great sunset photos with nobody around. The park is a great place to go all year long.

If you are in Beverly one evening and want a nice place to walk around, or a place to go for a picnic in the summer; you can not pick a better spot to go than Lynch Park.

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