I have been practicing as a Druid since I was nineteen (about six years ago). Long before I started walking the more specific path of a Druid I was practicing basic witchcraft, and before that I had experience with spirits. My mother is a witch as well , so I was lucky that she was able to identify that I had some gifts and teach me what I needed to know early on.

Witchcraft is not all casting spells to gods to do your bidding like it may look in the movies. It is far more like being a monk than it is like being Sabrina. I have met many young pagans, and was even an officer in my university’s pagan club. It was fairly common to run into someone who like me was tapped in to the spirits that were around them. Unfortunately most people are not taught how to keep those things at a distance, and how to put something between them and what is on the other side of the veil.

When I was twelve, the first thing I learned was how to ground and center myself. This should be the first step in what everyone learns when they want to embark on this kind of spiritual path. Unfortunately grounding yourself if something many introductory books on the topics of paganism skip, and it isn’t exactly the first thing someone would google if they were interested in the craft.

Let me start by saying a couple things. first off what is described below is just one way of doing things, it is not the only way nor is it the best way for everyone. There is also a major aspect in the knowing how to center yourself can help people who are not even practicing witchcraft, but anyone who needs to act with clarity in stressful times.

The method I use for grounding myself is a breathing exercise where I try to connect myself better with the three realms of Earth, Sea, and Sky. It only takes a couple minutes, and practice makes perfect.

First i start with my eyes closed looking down at the ground. I breathe in and feel the ground beneath my feet, feel the connection to the earth I walk on every day. and feel the land that makes it possible for me to live. When I am ready i breathe out

I lift my head to be level and breathe in heavily again. I connect myself with the seas that surround our land, the water that makes it possible for life to grow on the land, and the oceans my ancestors crossed to put me where i am. I breathe out.

I lift my head to the sky and feel the air around me. I connect myself with the skies, the air that makes it so i can breathe, and the same air that connects everything above ground all around the world. I breathe out and open my eyes.

This exercise works best if done in a place where all three of these realms converge. Any body of water or wide open expanse works best for the first few times. Once you have done it a few times it becomes an exercise in visualization, meaning it can be done from anywhere when needed.

The other part of grounding and centering is to center yourself. This involves closing your eyes and trying to find where there is almost a light coming from on your body when you focus on it. For me and many other people I have met it was over my heart. Once you find this light where it is glowing it is all about connecting with that light and letting it grow when needed.

The first step before embarking on any sort of spiritual work is to do those two things. From there it becomes far more about a personal path for each person. I am always surprised by how many people don’t know this basic level of meditation, even those that have been practicing for years.

If you liked these kind of witchcraft 101, meditations things please let me know. This blog is a mix of travel, food, history, and paganism topics. I am more than happy to share more of what I know about craft work, so if there is a topic you want me to cover comment below ; or email me. my contact into is in the link below.

As always hope you enjoyed reading, 
Go With The Winds.
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