My parents have a little game they like to play every morning. When they are driving to work they like to count the rabbits. Occasionally my mom will tell me when I see her that evening , ohh today was a 3 bunny day. Danvers, MA has many rabbits, along with other creatures such as skunks and racoons ; we are a bit too close to Boston to get any black bears. The most rabbits I ever saw in a drive was in early summer when I saw 16 rabbits on a 3 mile drive to taco bell and back.

There is a local legend as to why Danvers has so many bunnies. According to the legend it is because one day decades ago a man was raising rabbits in his backyard. The town did not like this , and it was against town laws to raise rabbits in your backyard at the time. Instead of killing the bunnies or giving them away to someone else to raise , he simply opened the gate to his warren and let the bunnies run free. That is the explanation given to me by a fellow local when someone mentioned how many bunnies happen to be in Danvers.

People like to act as if these animals are a nuisance sometimes, eating up gardens and getting in the way. The thing is we are the ones who built up around their homes. Many of the problems with bears in other states are purely this. Humans took over their lands and got rid of their food sources, so they turn to an easier to get food source namely dumpsters and trash cans. Some people want to get rid of these animals , but really that have just as much right to be there as we do.

A major problem is while we can let a bunny roam free without much issue , we had to when we started get rid of most predators. This makes it so the main cause of death for animals in the suburbs is not a wolf or a hawk , but rather a car or pickup truck. Its sad when you drive by and see that one had been hit , and i always try my best to avoid hitting one if I can.

If we won’t stop moving into their homes , we need to learn to be a good neighbor to them.

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