Hey there I am Nikolai, I run the Wandering Druid Blog. My goal is to document the histories of the places I go and the people I meet. I hope to give a different perspective than you will find elsewhere. For example I went the Blarney and never kissed the stone, the article was about the castle grounds. I plan to also do a large amount of local history to where I live. I am from The North Shore of Massachusetts so there is plenty to talk about.

Posting Schedule: I currently upload three articles a week at Noon Time M/W/F The Topics of conversation can include Food,Travel Thoughts, Local History, Main stories from big trips, and Paganism in general. If you have an idea for something I can write about please email me some basic information about it or simply just a topic or location to look into.

There are no set dates for what gets uploaded when, but I won’t upload two articles of the same category in a row.

*Definition of Local for me is anything that takes place in New England.

Social Media Links
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/artiostraveler/ – this will be where I post my day to day photos. It also will be where you may see some hints to what I am writing about next.
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Artiostraveler – The face book page where you will get everything from this blog come up when it goes live, stuff from Instagram, and any sort of behind scene kind of announcements
Email- Nikolai@wanderingdruid.blog – if you for some reason want to email me instead of filling out the form below that does the same thing here you go.

Patron Info+ Sponsorship policy.
Patreon Link – https://www.patreon.com/WanderingDruid

Donation tiers 
1$- Thank you for donating, Receive updates on things I post. Also If you donate a dollar feel free to use ad-blocker on my page.
5$- Access to my Google Drive for all my photographs. I take many pictures everywhere I go and for 5$ you can get them all. I do not watermark or copyright my photos because honestly I don’t see the point. All a watermark does is get people to crop it out of your photo, and I don’t own most of what I take pictures of.

10$- My Travel Log- I am building a google doc with travel tips and information on places I go. This is a guide on where to go in different cities I go to. This will also be updated from tips readers send in. This also has a tab with links to all previous articles and a list of possible articles down the pipeline.

15$- Discord link. I do have a community discord where people can chat directly with me and get more up to date information on where I am traveling including what is coming up for the blog.

Donation Policy- If you donate to any of the tiers 5/10/15 once I will not remove the benefit at any point. If you want to donate once and just get it and then downgrade to 1$ that is fine. This means I only want you donating 15$ a month if you love my content, not to stay on the discord. Donate once for access, and stay subscribed if you enjoy my work 

Sponsorships- I will take sponsors if they come up. I do have standards though. I will never give up creative or narrative control over articles I post, the sponsorship have to be for a relevant product or place,  Sponsored Content will be Clearly flagged at the top and in tags, and I will not take sponsorship from companies with poor human rights records or who I do not believe in. Any sponsored article will not be counted as a main article for the week and will be posted at 3pm instead of noon.

How the money will be used: So I have a day job, and will for the foreseeable future. The money that is donated will go towards paying off a card I have for travel. When that card is fully paid off I will book the next trip to produce content for Mondays. 

If you want to donate one time rather than a subscription I have setup a Paypal link for donations

Thank you for your support,
Go With The Winds.

Questions, Comments, Travel Tips, or anything else you can think of fill out the form below. I try my best to respond promptly.

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